Toe Tied Peril

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Tuesday was like any other day for Carmen.  She crawled out of bed to the cacaphony of two alarm clocks (one was never enough to get her up), and staggered into the kitchen to get the coffee going. After turning on the machine, she walked slowly back to the bedroom, and got herself ready for another day in the rat race.  She smiled to herself as she thought about the term "rat race" (in the end, even if you win, you're still a rat.) as she finished puting her skirt on.  Grabbing her shoes, she padded into the kitchen to get her coffee.

Her shoes fell to the floor when she saw there was someone in the kitchen, "Good coffee," he said calmly, taking another sip of the cup he had helped himself to.  Carmen tried to scream, but that was stopped when a sweet-smelling rag was forced over her mouth and nose.  A few breaths of the chloroform and she was out like a light.

When she awoke from the drug-induced haze, she tried to move but could not.  She had been tied to a chair, arms to the armrests, legs tied at the knees and ankles, and ropes around her breasts, keeping her firmly in place.  They also decided to tie her big toes together.  This made her struggles even more difficult, as she could not separate her feet for leverage.

She tried to scream, but a piece of duct tape kept her mouth sealed shut, tightly.  

The man who had sampled her coffee approached her, "Well, guess you're awake finally, so we can get this going.  You're probably wondering what's going on, right?"  Carmen nodded.  "Well, I've been hired to do a job, and that job is to get rid of you.  Someone wants you offed, and they're paying me quite a bit to do the job."  Carmen looked up at him, puzzled by this admission.  In fact, if it was their job to kill her, why was she still alive?

"What's weird about this hit, is that the customer stipulated two details.  One: You had to be awake when you died and Two: We're not allowed to shoot you."  He shook his head, "I have no idea why it has to be this way, but hey, money's money.  There's extra money in it for us this way, so that's how it goes."

"Anyway, we've rigged up a bomb here," at which point her captor showed her the bomb and then tied it to her knees.  "Once I activate it, it'll go off in ten minutes.  I'm pretty sure the blast will kill you instantly, so you won't feel anything.  No hard feelings, this is strictly business."

Carmen screamed into the gag and pleaded with her eyes, but this guy had killed who knows how many people, possibly even a few as pretty as Carmen. "Ya know, it is a shame to waste a lady as pretty from head to toe as you...but there's lot's of pretty ladies out there.  Bye bye."

With that, he activated the bomb and then left Carmen to struggle to escape....

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